Location Diemen

Our location is the Station in Diemen; so: if you arrive in Diemen by train, call us in advance so that you are assured of a taxi in Diemen.

Visiting Diemen

Are you going to visit historic Diemen, or are you staying there for a short time? Then pay a visit to the cozy cafes and restaurants on the water and in the city center.

Sights Diemen

Diemen and the towns around it have many attractions from the past and present including mills, museums, fortresses, castles, the island of Pampus, tea garden, beaches and much more.

About Diemen

We at A taxi Diemen are well known in Diemen and the surrounding area, so if you have any questions or want some tips, you can always ask the driver.

A Taxi Diemen transport

In addition to daily taxi transport, we provide transport for weddings and follow-up transport. Our cars are suitable for transporting five passengers. If you are with more people, we have an eight-person taxi by appointment.

Service A Taxi Diemen

We are representative and we consider service to be of paramount importance. We also drive by appointment outside these opening hours if we are available. We speak Dutch and English. For reservations or other questions you can call us: +31639598012
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